Market day: The perfect opportunity to pretend we live in Europe

My beautiful friend Anne Larimer and I are now broke. I don't mean 'We had a big night out on the town' broke, I mean, 'We spent money we don't have on fresh produce at the Dupont farmer's market this morning' broke. 

The Dupont FreshFarm market is live every Sunday 9 AM to 2 AM, and Anne Larimer and I decided to mosey down around lunchtime today. This is one of the best farmer's markets in the city: Bustling and full of interesting producers. Because it is August, the whole place smells like sweet yellow peaches, as if the circle has suddenly become a roadside stand on Route 17 in Tappahannock. These are the kind of peaches you can bite into like an apple and let the juice run all over your chin. 

AL and I both picked up some gorgeous heirlooms (hard to believe the season is almost over). I bought a couple of brandywines and one cherokee purple, which I am under strict instructions to eat tomorrow. The cherokee purples were the best sellers of the day by far: By the time AL and I got there, there were only a handful left.  The brandywines I'm going to eat with some basil and the mozzarella we bought from Blue Ridge Dairy Company, while the cherokee purples I'm going to reserve for just a little salt and cracked pepper, or possibly a balsamic reduction. 

It took a huge amount of self-restraint for both of us not to buy the pate from the charming charcuterie shop Thee Little Pigs. For two girls who take European living embarrassingly seriously and are possibly still recovering emotionally from a year of AP French with the most delightful francophile that ever lived, believe me: This was a hardship. I opted for some chorizo from Virginia-based EcoFriendly Foods instead. 

(Three Little Pigs, by the way, has a brick and mortar at 5111 Georgia Ave NW, and they're running a Kickstarter right now to build a third-floor event space. Help 'em out if you can.)

Speaking of European living, no trip to the market is complete without fresh bread. While I was chasing down some fresh eggs, AL was picking up one of these beautiful-looking loaves. 

We wrapped up the day with a few other vegetables: tender okra, to be boiled or frittered before the end of the season, and snaps. I also bought some lavender to put in my kitchen garden, although I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Any suggestions?