Duke's Grocery: Hell Yes

Guys, look at that. That is a runny egg, chills and a mashed avocado on some delicious local Lyon Bakery whole wheat bread. With some radishes and rocket and just what the shit. It was as good as it looks. 

Avocado Tartine

Duke's Grocery is on 17th Street and there's a number of things I like about it, not least the fact that it has a late-night happy hour from 10 to 1. Their chalkboard menu changes daily, depending on what's fresh. When they run out of something, they run out, but since everything on the menu is delicious, that's hardly an inconvenience. They also a great selection of creative cocktails and $15 bottomless mimosas on the weekends.  


There's a bunch of different seating options—upstairs, downstairs, outside—but my favorite is the lunch-counter-cum-bar upstairs. There's some comfy arm chairs around a little low table in a bay window upstairs as well, but they have been occupied every time I've been. Here are my co-workers at a long lunch last week (Ryan's face is not a commentary on the quality of the food).

I like this place because it feels small-town without feeling like it's trying too hard to be "rustic." I really loathe the word "rustic," almost as much as I loathe the rustic trend. Duke's strikes a really nice balance of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a wooden-and-brick interior that feels very natural in this neighborhood. Check this place out for a brunch with friends or a cool place to take clients for a lunch that impresses without breaking the bank. 

Green papaya salad with radishes, cilantro,