My favorite DC country musician is on The Voice!

Let me start this by saying, I'm a Wednesday night Madam's Organ regular. Number one, all the taxidermied animals on the walls and the cheap whiskey make me feel like I'm channeling Hemingway (in the-opposite-of-'A-Clean-Well-Lighted-Place' kind of way). Second, I really love old country music, and Wednesday night regulars Human Country Jukebox play nothing but Waylon, Merle, Hank, Steve Earle and their outlaw brethren. Ask for the 'naughts version of 'Free Bird'—'Wagon Wheel'—and you'll get it only if you pony up 100 bucks for the tip jar (and maybe not even then). 

(I'm a huge fan of a band whose front man feels like it's okay to insult drunks with pedestrian taste. I feel like I can say this because I like to sit in the front and yell at him to play sad country music—'SAD SONGS ONLY'—and he mostly tells me to shut up.) 

Anyway, that front man's name is Jack Gregori, and in addition to being a D.C. legend and a pretty awesome guy, he's on The Voice this season! If you haven't been watching, here's his Blind Audition, in which Jack shows off his incredibly rich voice in an awesome 'Ring of Fire' cover and Adam Levine pretty much humps his leg. 

Tune in Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 to cheer on my favorite local country star. You can also check out his original album. And if you're really smart, you'll show up at Madam's on Wednesday nights... There's a pedal steel. Seriously guys, do it.