Friday Tunes: Obsessed with John Moreland track, plus a new Dawes track!

My best friend Michelle gave me literally the best compliment a person can get. Mush lives in New York, so putting Spotify playlists in Available Offline mode is crucial for subway reasons, and she told me last week that she has put all of the Ruralicity Friday Tunes playlists in Offline mode. I'm dead. RIP Katie Bo.

(She's also my bff, so you know, she has to do stuff like that, but whatever.)

Kind of an eclectic mix this week. I think it's vaguely muddled, but there's some good stuff in here. OBSESSED with the John Moreland track "High On Tulsa Heat" and I'm probably going to be retroactively adding some of his old tracks to this playlist throughout the day. I'm also very excited about a new Dawes track, heralding their new album to be released June 2.

Happy weekend driving!