Signs of spring: A listicle of barely-connected things

If you haven't noticed, it's absolutely perfect in D.C. today. Mid-70's, no humidity and a light breeze. You should all be outside, even if that means quitting your job. (I'm sitting on a roof-deck in Chinatown, taking a five-minute break from my day job.) 

A couple of things that have me excited for spring, in completely arbitrary order: 

1. Things are blooming again, even in the city. It's all so very charming. 

2. These new beer glasses that I've been seeing around town that are shaped like beer cans. It's so redneck riviera. I love it. 

3. LOOK AT THIS PUFFY LITTLE DOVE. Lil bird nugget, I love you. Thanks for sitting on my fire escape on a chillier-than-average spring day and keeping me company. 

4. This adorable porch is on 13th, right near my house. Sorry, owners of this porch, for creepily taking pictures in the rain one morning on my way to work. But it's just so charming with the vines and the lattices and it makes me want to sit outside with a newspaper and a cup of coffee on a quiet Wednesday morning and watch people walk their dogs.