A word about bulletproof coffee

It's important to note that I can drink more coffee than you. (I can drink more coffee than anybody.) So I finally caved recently and tried bulletproof coffee. 

For the uninitiated, bulletproof coffee is plain old coffee with a dollop of pure fat in there. Some people use butter; I used coconut oil. It's supposed to give you this mega-burst of insane energy. 

Spoiler alert: It didn't, but I did find an absolutely delicious way of making coffee: 

1. Blend a dollop of coconut oil (a little under a teaspoon per cup) and a quarter cup of coconut almond milk (I use Califia Farms, available at Whole Foods) on low with two cups of black coffee. 

2. There isn't a step two, unless you count drinking this frothy, coconut-y latte. I guess you could put some sugar in there too if you wanted, but I kind of think that would ruin it. It's smooth and delicious and has all the added health benefits of eating the metabolism-boosting fatty acids in coconut oil.

Editor's Note: Coconut oil appears to be the new superfood du jour, so this could be a load of bullshit, but whatever, it's delicious.